Friday, May 27, 2011

Called by name

Last Friday at a beautiful wedding, I met a wonderful family of highly creative people. I became fast friends with Laurra Fitzgerald of Coldwater Media, both of us good friends of the groom's family but we had never met before. A sweet twilight fell over our table as we became friends, two artitsts - one a writer and the other a singer/songwriter - who love God, love art, love our kids and husbands, and have a heart for the orphan. It is my pleasure to bring to you this morning this amazing music video of Laurra's song, "You're Not an Orphan."

In spite of the dire circumstances some of the most vulnerable children in the world face, including the little ones at Oasis Haven whom I love so much, none of us are truly orphans. We share a Father who loves us and calls us by name.

You have a father who loves you and holds you close to His heart. . .

I am almost halfway through my Jubilee Year and nowhere near the halfway mark in the $5,000 I want to raise this year - my fiftieth - for the children of Oasis Haven. It is true we all have a Father. But we do not all have a home and a family. Every child deserves that much. Please help me mark my Jubilee with a renewed effort to make it possible for the children of Oasis Haven to be adopted into forever families. The address at right is easy to use, it's right here in the States. And every dollar we send makes a difference.

God bless. . .

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