Friday, April 15, 2011

The latest from Oasis. . .

"A reality for all of our children is that every so often they need to make a court appearance in order for their court orders to be extended.
It is always quite a difficult time as we are not 100% sure how to fit this into their lives in a natural way. What we have found works best is to prepare them using language they can relate to so that they are not fearful before the magistrate.

Recently Khanya and Bheka needed to attend court for this reason. Before we went we spoke about how we were going to visit a lady because she wanted to see that they were healthy, happy and well-looked after.

Both Khanya and Bheka were on their best behaviour. The magistrate entered the room and immediately tried to put the children at ease. She went through all the formalities and then asked Khanya if she still wanted to live with her house mother. Khanya instantly replied, “No!” We all looked at each other and wondered at her response. The magistrate then asked her where she wanted to live.  Khanya replied, “With my new family!” Instantly we understood.

Recently she had seen two other children from her family leave to be with their adoptive families, and she was now waiting expectantly for hers. Although we try our utmost to be family to every one of our precious children we fall short simply because we are not able to offer them the permanency of adoption. Our dream for each one is that they will soon find their “new” family forever!"

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